About 7th sense:

7th sense team
7th sense team


The 7th Sense Team was formed in 2012 with the cooperation of its current founders (Hadi Fakhari and Saeed Bakhshandeh) and developing its activities till now.

Currently, with a population of over 50 manual therapists, manipulation coaches and palpation researchers, 7th sense is the largest professional education and training group in its professional area in Iran.

Thanks to our great professors on this path, in the years passed, we were able to achieve the various goals of the seventh sense group, and now we will come up with more comprehensive approaches and goals in order to have a more healthy and knowledgeable society.

The Seventh Sense team Goals :

1. Employment through education and skills development
2. Standard familiarization of the Iranian people with complementary therapies, including massage and other types of manipulation
3. Improve the social knowledge and skills in the field of manipulation and complementary therapies
4. Promoting Iranians health level.
5. Help people developing a healthy lifestyle.

The Seventh Sense team Members:

1. Scientific supporters :
Dr. Vahid Zolaktaff (Ph.D. in Heart Rehabilitation from Manchester United university and former Chair of Physical Education department at Isfahan University): Strategic Advisor

Dr. Behnam Firoozi: Physiotherapist and Technical Manager of the Seventh Sense team

2- Founders:
Saeed Bakhshandeh: expert in Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Hadi Fakhari: Master of Sport Physiology

3. Coaches and Teachers (The full details of each coach and teacher of the seventh sense team can be found in his personal profile)

4. Senior therapists (You can read the full details of each senior user of the seventh sense in his personal profile)

5. Therapists

6. Interns

7. Students

the Seventh sense team Activities:

1- Manipulation training (massage, stretch therapy, etc.)
2. Teaching acupuncture and acupressure subcategories (Reflexology, auriculotherapy, dry needling, etc.)
3. Training of the spa industry subcategories (hair care, skin, nails, etc.)
4. Train manipulators and rank them annually.
5- Management of massage and spa services in the best centers of Isfahan (3 centers: 7th sense spa – Araman Sport and health complex – Bahar sport and health complex)
6- Production of digital educational content in health-related fields.
7. Production of manipulation professional tools (massage tables, sticks, etc.)

This is the big drive at 7th sense. The opportunity to help people achieve their fullest potential is what we are most passionate about. We are grateful to be a part of their journey.


We aim to inspire people to live a better life by taking care of their body but that ambitious goal starts with a dedicated and passionate team. We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team and make a difference in people’s lives.

At 7th sense, we rely on talented, driven and ambitious individuals to help push our company forward. You are our number one investment, and we dedicate our resources to you. We set out to develop your skills and put you in the best position to succeed, so your career path has every opportunity to grow within all areas of the company.

Growth Potential

We’re carving out a new lane in our industry, which affords us new opportunities. We offer development program so you can explore exciting, new careers paths within our company.

Wellness Perks

We believe in offering you some personal time as life can get busy. So we offer a sweat program, through our partners, which provides access to various wellness facilities across each region.